Make an isme catalogue request and get to browse through thousands of amazing products on offer by isme. This catalogue is a dealer in almost all household items and appliances. The catalogue lists among others; clothing for all people including children and babies, sports equipment, home and garden, electricals, entertainment equipment, gifts and jewellery and much more. Shoppers can browse through these items online or order a printed catalogue from which to pick items. Some shoppers especially those of an advanced age prefer this option as it is easier on the eyes and it is easy to locate items.

Ways to order a catalogue
If you are a new shopper at isme, you can opt to have a personal account. This account will list your shopping profile and credit. All holders of the isme personal account get the catalogue for free. For non account holders, there are also other options available. There is the phone order, snail mail order, and email order. If you order a printed catalogue, you can expect it to be delivered on the next day. The print catalogue has thousands of items listed alongside other tips on fashion, styling, home decor and miscellaneous information.

When you request a catalogue from isme, you get a £10 discount on your next shopping. This applies for both print and soft copy catalogues. If you would prefer the catalogue to be delivered to your email, you can sign up for the isme newsletter. The monthly newsletter will have the latest products, news and offers. This is very advantageous for those who like being on top of things. Avid fashion followers and stylists will definitely find this catalogue very helpful. The print catalogue has coded items which enables quick ordering by any of the ways to contact isme. Order one and enjoy shopping at isme.