If you request a catalogue from Littlewoods, you qualify for £15 off your next shopping spree. How cool is that? You get a discounted price for getting informed on the price. Littlewoods have a lot of items that you can buy. The brand has been in the business for over 80 years. This makes shopping at Littlewoods a breeze as they have all you need for your home shopping needs. Clothing, electronics, kitchen appliances, garden tools, beauty items, toys and much more can be found on the Littlewoods catalogue. Buying from Littlewoods is as easy as ordering items from the online or printed catalogue.

Ways to order
You can make a Littlewoods catalogue order by using email, phone or the old fashioned mail. The printed catalogue is a comprehensive list of items on offer at Littlewoods. The details of the products are well laid out for you to peruse and make an informed choice. The catalogue also has more information that you may find very useful. Seasonal offers, selected discounts and bulk buy offers are all on offer. The printed catalogue gives you the chance to go through this information at your own pace.

For those averse to staring at a computer screen, the printed catalogue is very helpful. You can skip from page to page with little ease doing comparisons of items. For ordering the catalogue you get £15 on your next shopping. Those who happen to be ordering the catalogue by accident will be pleased to learn that the details used in catalogue requesting can also be used to open a personal account. The benefits of having this personal account at Littlewoods include exclusive discounts and offers. If you like getting tips and advice on fashion and styling, the printed catalogue is full of information on the latest trends.