If you are looking to shop for home items, request for a Very catalogue and browse through the thousands of items on offer. The catalogue is one of the most extensive in direct home shopping. Clothing for men, women and children is available. Home items like furniture, textiles and kitchen appliances are also on offer. Electronics, sports equipment, jewellery, health item and even toys are all in the catalogue. You can find almost any item you need on the catalogue. If you would prefer a print catalogue better than the online version you can make a request for one.

Ways to make a request
To do a Very catalogue request, your best bet would be by doing it online. There is a request a catalogue link on the Very website. This is because the details you fill in are also used to create a new account if you do not have one. If you are an existing customer you can do it from your account. This account can be used when shopping without the details being filled in all over again. Requests can also be made via email, telephone and paper mail.
The Very print catalogue is free of charge and customers can enjoy a £10 discount on their first credit order. This bargain is not common with other catalogues. to enjoy the discount, quote the discount code alongside the item’s code. The print catalogue has high quality images of the items plus detailed descriptions. There are lots of tips and assorted information which the shopper will find very useful. If you are a follower of fashion trends, the information on latest trends will be very helpful. You can make quick orders by quoting items codes directly on the Very website and doing your checkout. Request a Very catalogue and enjoy great shopping.